The Butler Plan and Project

... a comprehensive home ownership program: A Viable Plan for Grenada.

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Why The Butler Plan?

It is vital and strategic in the solemn interest of national development and security that a comprehensive home ownership programme be adopted by our national government and sustained with the use of the commonwealth of the tri-island state, as it will literally and figuratively give workers and their families a floor to stand on and a roof over their heads, in an increasingly complex and precarious global environment.

Get Inspired
In promoting the welfare of workers and the general citizenry of our tri-island state, the Butler Group is in effect paying homage to its namesake, the Grenadian-born Chief Servant of Trinidad and Tobago Worker Movement, Tubal Uriah “buzz” Butler, and others who saw it to be paramount to champion the general welfare of workers in Grenada and throughout the Caribbean, most certainly, to bring about an economic floor that will viably sustain greater economic and social wealth that many generations to follow will greatly benefit from.
Gain The Knowledge
The generation and dissemination of literature utilizing various media platforms, including online and traditional formats, is crucial in the effort to sustain a protracted grassroots campaign, to ensure such conversation that we are seeking to have with our people will advance the social conscience and consciousness of the nation at large.
A New Vision
In engaging the Grenadian populace, the principle of nonpartisanship and nonalignment will be adhered to by its leadership team when carrying out the identified aim of the group, in order to prevent and rebuff possible attempts to dilute and misrepresent the aim of the Butler Plan and Project by potential non-supporters and distractors. The backing of The Butler Plan and Project by ordinary Grenadian citizens is the initial aim of our campaign, for there is no movement (literally and figuratively) without their support.


Formed for the purpose of advancing the economic liberation of the Grenadian populace, The Butler Group, comprises of patriotic Grenadians at home and in the diaspora.

Yao Atunwa

Director/Chief Strategist: Brooklyn, NY, USA

Yao Atunwa is an essayist, poet, and political strategist in the struggle to liberate his Grenadian people and people of the African Diaspora from the clutches of the neoliberal-imperialist order.

Michelle Alexander

Strategist and Publicist: Grenada

Michelle Sabrena Alexander, a current resident of St. Andrew, is a young Grenadian author and sexual abuse advocate. Her passion lies in helping others, especially young children.